Termites are responsible for billions of dollars in damage each year. They love to feed on wood, paper, books, and insulation. In east texas, we also see termites enjoying swimming pool liners, but most often they hide in the walls of unsuspecting homeowners. Every home is susceptible to termites, espcially during the swarm seaon which starts in the spring when warmer temperatures trigger the winged Termites to emerge from the colony and fly into the air.

Is My Home Infested?

There are some clear indications of infestation such as the presence of winged termites indoors (either alive or dead) or seeing earthen or mud tubes along walls or foundation. You may also find damaged or hollowed out wood, which would indicate a past or present infestation. Getting rid of termites is serious business - the sooner you call a professional, the sooner the termites can be control. Without proper extermination and prevention, they will completely destroy your house!

If you live in Tyler, Longview, Mineola, Quitman, Whitehouse, Mount Pleasant, Gladewater, or nearby - call us for quick resolution to your termite problem!